Holiday Traditions through food

Today is Easter.  Many people have traditions of attending a religious gathering and having a meal with family.  And I got to thinking … I wonder if there is a certain type of restaurant that would get extra business because the menu suggests Easter.  Buffets, perhaps?  I wonder if Old County Buffet is booming.  Brunches, even?.  Is Easter just accepted as one of those holidays that people have family meals and don’t patronize restaurants?  Racking my brain, I bet Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all fall into this category as well because they are more religious in nature.

Since I’m not visiting family for the holiday, I wanted to share a little anecdote I have to keep the holidays interesting and new.

If you’d like to enjoy celebrating the holidays a little differently and starting your own tradition, try to experience the holiday from another country.  If you can’t travel, there are often many nice restaurants of a foreign influence.  Sure this requires a little research, but gaining the new knowledge and mystery in unraveling it is part of the fun.

For example, at Christmas time, I had a large gathering of friends join me at Abay Restaurant (see my review on Urbanspoon).  Abay’s menu is of Ethiopian influence, so I was sure to have Doro wat and injera, a typical Christmas meal according to

How am I celebrating my Easter, do you ask?  I don’t make a big to-do over Easter day.  The weather is beautiful, so I’ll do some gardening and eat light today.  I had better work off all those tasty calories from my wonderful breakfaster yesterday with TasteBud A.  I can almost still taste the Sugar Maple Pecan.  

So for now, I’ll look forward to my next holiday.  Cinco De Mayo!  Now, I just have to find a nice place that can experience what Cinco De Mayo is all about.

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